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Women's Museum of California

Preserving the Past, Inspiring the Future


Here you can find everything from classic fabric patterns from IKEA to tomorrow's smart textiles. You can try out most things at the exhibition yourself. Create your own pattern. Play with our textile cubes. Sew a bag, apron or pillow case and take it home.

At the exhibition you can view a material library and learn how to make screen-printing for mass production. And don’t miss the videos about creative processes and textiles. Come along to one of our open tours. See you in Älmhult. The exhibition runs from 3 June – 2 April.

Unlock your hidden designer in our digital "Pattern Machine". Create your pattern directly on our web or when you visit the museum. Choose a grid, click through the shape and colour and sign your name. We will show your pattern in the exhibition, and at least until next year in our web gallery.

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View the gallery

Experience fifty years of pattern on fifty meters of fabric. A lot of IKEA designs from the past have become today's classics. Follow our textile history from the 1960s until today. Why not try it yourself? How many steps do you need to take before you recognize any of them?

Fabrics are not only beautiful, warm and protective, but smart in every way. Textiles with new characteristics are currently being developed through exciting research. Get acquainted with some of tomorrow’s textiles today. See and feel installations with heat-sensitive fabrics and textiles that change colour or texture through the simple touch of a button.

Jump into a pattern that’s a size larger. A whole room full of big fabric cubes that you can combine together into one or more patterns. Turn, twist and play your way. Sometimes creating nice patterns happens by chance.

“Syjunta” is an old Swedish word that means a group of people meeting for a sewing circle or to work with handicrafts. Exactly what you can do at our exhibition. There are sewing machines, needles, threads and lots of textiles for you to use. There are also DIY templates to make simple textile products.

Prefer to sew at home? Download the templates here: apron (1.1MB) , nike air max 90 hyperfuse black and pink
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Welcome to join a guided tour of the exhibitions. Tours in english starts 11:45 and 14:45 and are included in the entrance fee.

The free app that gives 70,000+ healthcare professionals a month the information they need to work in any hospital.

Location-based Extensions

A single place for all the numbers and bleeps that you need to connect with healthcare professionals working in your hospital.

Private Information

You can store private codes and numbers in the app. These are held locally on the app and are never shared.

Healthcare Professionals can Contribute

Induction is a truly 'crowdsourced' platform. Anyone can contribute to, and benefit from, the data for their hospital.


Data security is important, and we have it covered. No patient information is ever stored in Induction and everything is encrypted.

FAQ Database Control

View and contribute to common tips/tricks for your hospital e.g. how do I bleep?

A platform that allows hospital administrators to manage, and contribute to all the data stored in Induction. Also allows upload and delivery of hospital guidelines.


We have over 250,000 hospital extensions and pager numbers maintained by on the ground users

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This major explores the historical development of imperial and colonial formations around the world, from ancient times to the current era of neoliberalism and globalization. How have imperial and colonial formations shaped larger processes and events in world history? And how have historical actors in both colonies and metropoles experienced, negotiated, advanced, and resisted imperial and colonial domination? See the approved course list for this major .

This major explores the development of religious traditions worldwide, asking how religious beliefs, practices, and institutions have helped shape culture, politics, and ideology from pre-modern times to the present. Courses in the minor push students to consider the multifarious ways in which religion structures society and is structured by it. See the approved course list for this major .

This major explores the centrality of race and gender in shaping and reproducing hierarchical relations of power around the world. From social classifications and legal codes in ancient and medieval societies to scientific and cultural conceptions of racial and sexual differences over the last four centuries, how have race and gender defined and denied access to power to justify and naturalize social inequalities? And how have different peoples organized politically around racial and gender identities (e.g., as women, as Chicanas, as First Nations, etc.) to contest and transform social norms? nike flyknit air max mens sale bJj2Wp

This major explores experiences of civil and international wars as a means to question how violence, conflict, and other traumatic acts have shaped political, social, and cultural formations in the past and present. In addition to military history, courses in this minor examine the following aspects of war's linkage to society: how the experiences and exigencies of war create conditions for broader changes, including changes in notions of territorial integrity, sovereignty, national belonging, citizenship, gender, and race, as people are called to serve in battle zones and on the home front. buy nike air max 90 ebay motors

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has now a translucent support, such as a painting on canvas. You can now use it to test and evaluate the enhanced transparency of the pigments when observed with transmitted infrared photography (). See, for example, lead white . It is opaque in standard reflected infrared photography but it becomes transparent in transmitted infrared photography where the underdrawing is now visible.

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is a collection of pigments important in art history. Among all the pigments and their varieties ever used in art, this collection selects the most used from antiquity to early 1950’. nike air max cage orange womens running shoes
is a standard tool designed for Art professionals, scientists, students and conservators to evaluate and practice non-invasive techniquesfor pigments identification.

Criteria for selecting the pigments’ collection

One of each kind . There are plenty of version of the same pigments. For example, the earth pigments: red and air jordan 1 notorious meaning
as well as umber, sienna and green earth . Earth pigments extracted from different locations have slightly varying mineral content and they have been marketed over the centuries, with specific names, such as Pozzuoli red and Sinopia. Both are nike free run 2 black and white uk logo
pigments, but from, respectively, Naples area and Cappadocia. They are characterized by their common iron oxides content but different proportions of other minerals accounting for their different hues. Pigments Checker collects just one pigment for each kind. It featuresjust one air jordan 1 high the return reviews
, one yellow ochre and so on. Pigments Checker is an education tool for students and art professional learning pigments identification with affordable and simpletechnical tools. Distinguish among varieties of red ochre is possible but requires more advanced and costly equipment.

One of each kind

Highest quality . We constantly evaluate the quality of the pigments provided by a number of vendors using spectroscopic analysis. We want to be sure that Pigments Checker features best quality pigments.

Highest quality
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