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Annotations are means of attaching metadata to code. To declare an annotation, put the annotation modifier in front of a class:

Additional attributes of the annotation can be specified by annotating the annotation class with meta-annotations:

If you need to annotate the primary constructor of a class, you need to add the constructor keyword to the constructor declaration, and add the annotations before it:

You can also annotate property accessors:

Annotations may have constructors that take parameters.

Allowed parameter types are:

Annotation parameters cannot have nullable types, because the JVM does not support storing null as a value of an annotation attribute.

If an annotation is used as a parameter of another annotation, its name is not prefixed with the @ character:

If you need to specify a class as an argument of an annotation, use a Kotlin class ( KClass ). The Kotlin compiler will automatically convert it to a Java class, so that the Java code will be able to see the annotations and arguments normally.

Annotations can also be used on lambdas. They will be applied to the invoke() method into which the body of the lambda is generated. This is useful for frameworks like nike free 50 black/dark grey/white/metallic silver
, which uses annotations for concurrency control.

When you're annotating a property or a primary constructor parameter, there are multiple Java elements which are generated from the corresponding Kotlin element, and therefore multiple possible locations for the annotation in the generated Java bytecode. To specify how exactly the annotation should be generated, use the following syntax:

The same syntax can be used to annotate the entire file. To do this, put an annotation with the target file at the top level of a file, before the package directive or before all imports if the file is in the default package:

If you have multiple annotations with the same target, you can avoid repeating the target by adding brackets after the target and putting all the annotations inside the brackets:

The full list of supported use-site targets is:

To annotate the receiver parameter of an extension function, use the following syntax:

If you don't specify a use-site target, the target is chosen according to the @Target annotation of the annotation being used. If there are multiple applicable targets, the first applicable target from the following list is used:

Vulns drop as you shop.

$100 – $15,000 per vulnerability

$100 – $15,000

200 vulnerabilities rewarded

Validation within 1 day 75% of submissions are accepted or rejected within 1 day

1 day

$2,581.97 average payout (last 3 months)


At we greatly value the security of our site and resources, and the community of security researches that helps keep us safe. We appreciate everyone who looks at our site, and especially those who make us aware of issues and help us to fix them.

We award kudos nearly immediately after a submission (If it is accepted), and will move states around without awarding $$$ first. DO NOT BE ALARMED! You will get your award! We do this so we can be as quick and accurate with our rewards as possible.

This bounty requires explicit permission to disclose the results of a submission.

explicit permission

Questions, comments, or suggestions? Reach out to us at bugbounty['at']

We are looking for vulnerabilities in the below publicly facing web applications. That includes most anything that could potentially impact that site or its users. This is straightforward and very open when it comes to scope for the type of vulnerability, but please refer to the targets page to see exactly what is in scope. Our Bug Bounty has been open for some time, so **automated tools will generally not produce results. **

API Documentation for this site can be found at *


Android application - iOS application - * nike air max white and blue 95 corvette API

Please note that for *, any part of * that is not explicitly mentioned in the out of scope section, is in scope; however, please ensure that you review the out-of-scope section, so as to ensure that you're only testing on hosts that are in scope. Thanks!

Specific things we like giving lots of money for:

This program adheres to the nike free run 5 childrens songs
for the rating/prioritization of findings.

Highlands Students will host a three day prayer and fasting retreat Friday January 19, through Saturday January 20, for high schooland college students. We will travel off-site to Shocco Springs Conference Centerfor a 24hr stay where we will SATURATE ourselves with the presence of God through prayer, worship, teaching, and community!

Saturate is a fasting retreat and our goal is to learn about fasting whileparticipatingtogether ina complete fast.During Saturate we willhave extended times of worship, reading the word, teaching from the Highlands Students Staff, small groups, and opportunities to hang out and build relationships with other students.Complete fasting means that we will only have water and will not have meals as a part of the retreat. Lots of water will be provided, and our team will have other supplies on-handas needed.

Topics of discussion in main sessions will include- prayer, fasting, worship, baptism of the Holy Spirit, the Word of God, and finding power in the midst of difficult circumstances.

To learn more about fasting, we recommend viewing this message from Pastor Chris Hodges and Church of the Highlands on “Prayer and Fasting”.

You can also check out more resources about fasting here.

If there are any medical needs that are of concern during this retreat please contact Christina French at womens nike free xt everyday

Friday, January 19, 2018 4:30pm – Out-of-Town Campuses Transportation Registrants Depart- Arrive at Campus at 4:00pm Auburn/Opelika Campus Transportation Registrants Depart from Auburn Campus Huntsville Campus Transportation Registrants Depart from Panera at Bridge Street Montgomery Campus Transportation Registrants Depart from Office Complex Tuscaloosa Campus Transportation Registrants Depart from Tuscaloosa Campus Gadsden Campus Transportation Registrants Depart fromBelk at Gadsden Mall Shoals Campus Transportation Depart from Marriot (10 Hightower Pl)

Friday, January 19, 2018 4:30pm – Out-of-Town Campuses Transportation Registrants Depart- Arrive at Campus at 4:00pm

5:00pm – In-Town Campuses Transportation Registrants Depart- Arrive at Campus at 4:30pm Grants Mill/Greystone/Grandview Transportation Registrants Depart from Grants Mill Campus Riverchase/Alabaster/McCalla Transportation Registrants Depart from Riverchase Campus Fultondale Campus Transportation Registrants Depart from Ashley Furniture Woodlawn Campus Transportation Registrants Depart from Birmingham Dream Center

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