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Mineral and artificial. Natural ultramarine and artificial ultramarine , cinnabar and vermilion , madder lake and alizarin . These are some examples of mineral and organic pigments which eventually were produced artificially. air jordan school bag
features both the natural (mineral or organic) and the artificial versions. It is of the most interest to distinguish naturalpigments from their artificial counterparts for dating works of art. This can be achieved from microscopic and spectroscopic observations (different impurities and crystal forms).

Mineral and artificial.

Old recipe . We choose pigments manufactured following original recipes.

Old recipe

Chemicalquality check. An international team ofLaboratories and Research Groups involvedin Scientific Art Examination are collaborating with CHSOSto evaluate the chemical composition of each pigment. This data contributes to the Free and Downloadable spectral database of the pigments used in Pigments Checker : Raman , XRF, FTIR and XRD.

Chemicalquality check. Free and Downloadable

Pigments Checker (670 euro + 30 euro handling and shipping)

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Check out the list of pigments and browse their spectra and other relevant information. CLICK HERE

If you have a previous Pigments Checker you can retrieve their specific information from here:

Pigments Checker Timeline provides a simplified representation of the use of the pigments across ages. Pigments’ history is actually quite complex and depends on a number of factors; The kind of artifacts. A pigment can be used on wall paintings while becoming obsolete in easel paintings. Geography. As an example, natural cinnabar is found in Almaden (Spain) and Murillo used it since it was close to him, rather than the artificial form, vermilion , much more diffused elsewhere.

Pigments are applied on a pure cel­lu­lose water­color paper, acids and lignin free, not treated with opti­cal brighteners. Slightly ultraviolet fluorescent, it reflects infrared radiation.





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